We provide difference courses to help students learn. When you are in college, you need to sit among a large number of students. Sometimes, you may not understand what your teacher is saying. If you have difficulty in understanding some concepts of Biology, for example, you can take our Biology course and improve your understanding of the subject. We have several courses to choose from.

Academic courses

academicsThese include the subjects that are taught in college; that is, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, etc. These courses help students to improve their understanding of these subjects. You will be able to clarify the concepts and do well in your exam.

General courses

generalThese are fun courses. If you have a hobby, for example, painting, then you can learn a lot from these courses and take your passion a step further. Courses include photography, painting, music, and more.


communicationThis course will help anyone in improving your communication skills. When you are in college, and afterward in the job market, you will need to have good communication skills to do well on your exam and your job. We emphasize on writing essays, reports, formal letters, preparing presentations, public speaking and more.


calculateThis course will teach you the basic computer skills you need to have to prepare your reports and presentations in college and other walks of life. You will learn about Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, basic programming skills, and more.

Besides offering these courses, we also provide career guidance. Our counselors have several sessions with the students to discuss their interests and strengths. They help the students to choose a career path that will be appropriate for them. If you need further information about the courses, please give us a call.