In the beginning, a college may seem to be a tough place. You will feel as if you are taken out from a pond and put in a sea. You may find it hard to deal with the study pressure. Here are five tips that will help you to learn effectively in college.

Have a good foundation

If you don’t have a good foundation, you won’t be able to develop new habits or skills. You should adopt a productivity system; that is, a habit of consistent and effective note-taking. You should have a clean desk to study.  You should have a separate shelf or space to store all your study materials.


Not only in college but throughout your entire life you will need to read a lot of online and offline materials. But you don’t have all day to read. You should learn how to read smarter and faster. First, know the material you are studying and then decide which parts of the material you are going to focus on. You shouldn’t stop at every word. Just skim through and stop at only those places which are important to you.

 Think and work on paper

Pen and paper are the best learning tools available. You should always think and work on paper. This will take things out of your mind, and you will have space for creative thinking. You should review the things you have learned.

Use multisensory techniques

First find out whether you are a visual learner, an auditory learner or a kinesthetic learner. You must use your preferred learning style; that way you will learn quicker. You can also combine multiple senses; for example, reading things aloud combines both the visual and auditory learning styles.

Allow your brain to absorb new materials

People have varying learning rhythm. Some learn well in the early morning, while others learn well at night. You should find out which rhythm and time frame fits you. You should give your brain the time to absorb new information. Everybody has a certain learning rhythm. You should take frequent breaks while learning.

These points have been proven to work for effective learning. So, use these tips and be consistent with your learning style. You will soon find out that you can remember things better by adopting these techniques.

3 ways to improve your writing skills

Writing is a skill that you will require in every part of your life. Whether it’s in school, college or professional life, you cannot escape writing. So, it’s better you start improving your skills early in life. Here are three effective ways to improve your writing.


You must practice writing to make it better. By practicing more, you will be able to understand your strengths and weaknesses in writing and work hard to improve on those areas.


Read lots of books. This will help you to see how professionals write their sentences to convey their ideas. The more you read the more writing styles you will come across. This will help you to improve your writing.

Proofreading your writing

Many people depend on ‘autocorrect’ feature of a word document to proofread their writings. But this feature won’t give you 100% error free writing. So, you should allocate enough time to proofread and edit your writing. One effective way of proofreading is to read it aloud. That way you will be able to catch both awkward organizations of sentences and grammatical errors. You can ask your family member or a friend to read your writing to see if it’s error free. You can run spell checks to correct spelling mistakes quickly.

These three steps will help you to prepare a good writing. You should make it a habit of following these steps every time you write something, whether its an email or a report.